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Data Center services Computer equipment & IT service Hosting services
We can essentially reduce the IT expenses of every company, up to 40% a year!
    • At a very beneficial price DEACs IT infrastructure and personnel are at your disposal;
    • Expense optimization by IT solutions consolidation and function splitting..

Cost-saving IT solutions with different levels of duty and responsibility transfer!

    • 100% guarantee, that your company will have additional free financial resources, 99% of attention devoted to main business, 1% to administration of IT outsourcing with tasks definition and its control.
    • A beneficial IT outsourcing model for every company (IT budget savings a year – up to 40%), IT infrastructure and operation processes optimization.
We will maintain your IT infrastructure!
    • You will not have to deal with a lack of IT administrators in the Latvian employment market;
    • You will receive an orderly work environment and will be able to plan your monthly expenses more effectively.

We will take care of the security of your data!

    • You will always have access to backup copies of documents and you will be protected from unauthorised access to your data.

We will create a modern and representative company homepage and host it at the DEAC Data Center!

    • You do want to be a step ahead don’t you?

We will provide your office with modern and powerful computer technology and will service it!

    • We offer desktop and laptop brand computers that are ready for work.

We will colocate your servers with, for example, bookkeeping or company management programmes at the most secure Data Center in the Baltics!

    • Our technical service team will take care of the operation of your devices 24 hrs a day and 7 days a week.

European data center operator DEAC is the largest in the Baltics. The activities are orientated to provide data center services and IT outsourcing on Eurasia and America scale in order to create the primary or backup or additional data center for customer in the EU, to protect its business and, most importantly, reduce costs up to 40% within 3-5 years.

DEAC is an IT outsourcing services and solutions company whose highly experienced and qualified employees offer various groups of services and bespoke solutions tailored to meet the requirements of our customers whose successful operation is ensured 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our goal is to operate in line with the highest industry standards thereby increasing the competitiveness of Latvian commerce both locally and internationally. Our company is continually evolving, reaching increasingly high service standards and improving our Data Center’s services, IT systems administration and design.

DEAC’s successful growth is underpinned by our company’s prudent long-term strategy, successful choice of partners, our company’s extensive competence in the IT field, our understanding of the requirements of our customers and our highly-qualified team of employees.

Our customers consist of Baltic's and world's largest companies ranging from market leaders in the construction industry and banks right through to Government bodies. DEAC offers 100% IT outsourcing services, which means that our customers have no need to establish or maintain their own IT departments and that DEAC will take on full responsibility regarding our customers IT infrastructures.

Utilising the services provided by DEAC, you company will benefit from our professional service and the latest IT technologies, enabling you to make significant savings in regard to both time and financial resources which will automatically increase the effectiveness of your company’s business operations and the chances of you achieving your specified commercial goals.

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